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Looking for reading incentives? Look inside a Reading Incentive Kit™


1Child reads to a given point in the story and opens the first of several reading incentives

2The think piece helps the reader “think” about what they just read or what they will read.

3Story-related surprise connects to the story.

Each Reading Incentive Kit™ (RIK™) accompanies a well-known children’s book. Inside each RIK is a series of numbered and labeled packages containing surprises and a “think piece” related to the story. The think piece helps the reader “think” about what they just read or what they will read. The reader opens the packages at requested intervals throughout the story. As readers progress through the book, they continue to open packages, which keeps them motivated, increases comprehension, and makes reading extra fun.

Provides reading Motivation

“My son is a reluctant reader. His attitude changed after being introduced to the RIK program. He could not wait to sit down every day to read his book.”

Increases Reading Comprehension

“My favorite part was all the discussion that it created within our family. My daughter had so much she wanted to share and discuss and everyone at our home became engaged in that process.” –TONYA M.

Improves Reading Skills

With your kits my daughter is able to keep the excitement going through out the whole book and has now completed several books which has made her a much more confident reader.

Makes Reading Extra Fun

“He loved them so much that he wanted to finish in one day because he loved getting items as he read.” –COLLEEN H.