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When does my RIK-a-Month ship?
RIK-a-Month ships the middle of every month. You’ll get an email letting you know your RIK has shipped.

When will I be billed?
Subscribers to RIK-a-Month are billed on the 11th of each month.

What if my child has already read the book that accompanies the kit for that month?
It’s always fun to read a book again with RIK. Most children find they make new and exciting connections to the story when reading with RIK. Consider gifting RIK to another child who would love it as much as you do. Or if you prefer, place your subscription on hold for a month.

Can I put my subscription on hold for one month?
Yes. Just email your request to info@readingwithrik.com before the 10th of the month and we’ll put your account on hold for a month. Your account will automatically reactivate to receive the next month’s shipment.

How do I cancel my subscription?
We’ll be sad to see you go, but email us at info@readingwithrik.com and we’ll take care of the rest.

What if I have children in more than one age group but only want one subscription?
No problem. Just email us at info@readingwithrik.com, and we’ll ship a kit from your requested age groups alternating each month.

How do I know what RIK-a-Month title will be shipped each month?
Monthly selections are printed on the website under the RIK-a-Month tab.

I noticed that there are food items in the kit that should be consumed within 30-60 days. Is the 30 days just a conservative suggestion?
The food items are best if consumed within 30-60 days. Hopefully your child will read the book and use their kit much faster than that.

My child is already an avid reader. Would he/she still benefit from reading with RIK?
Absolutely! Avid readers love the kits and enjoy make new connections with the story, pay more attention to details and love trying to outguess us, hoping to predict what the surprises in each package might be. Ask your child to tell you their predictions and how the surprises they receive connect with the story and watch their comprehension increase.

What should I do if I think my child might open all the surprises at once, instead of when instructed by RIK?
In this case, we recommend you hold on to the kit and give your child each numbered surprise after he/she reaches the indicated points in the book. Doing this also creates a great opportunity for you to talk with your child about what he/she is reading. It’s fun to ask your child to predict what the surprise might be. Children pay much more attention to details while they read. Once they open the surprise, ask your child how the surprise connects to what they read. Having these discussions is a great way to improve your child’s comprehension.

What if the book I ordered is too hard for my child to read?
Try reading the book together. You can read one paragraph or page and have your child read the next. If it is still too hard, use the book as a read aloud and enjoy your time reading together. If you want to move your child to a different track, contact us at info@readingwithrik.com. The key to instilling in children a love of reading is making the reading experience fun!

Still have questions?
Email us at info@readingwithrik.com