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Parents love it because it motivates children to read.
Kids love it because it’s FUN!

Reading Incentive Kit inspires children with a love of reading

RIK™ (Reading Incentive Kit™) is a highly effective and lauded tool that incentivizes children to read, while simultaneously increasing reading skills, reading comprehension and a love of reading. Each kit accompanies a well-known children’s book. Inside each RIK is a series of numbered and labeled packages containing surprises and a “think piece” related to the story. The think piece helps the reader “think” about what they just read or what they will read.  The reader opens the packages at requested intervals throughout the story. As readers progress through the book, they continue to open packages, which keeps them motivated, increases comprehension, and makes reading extra fun. More About What’s Inside

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What’s RIK? Our Readers Say It Best…

Want to know more about how RIK motivates children to love reading? These winning customer videos from our MAGIC of RIK video contest tell the story better than we do.

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We were completely charmed by Ben’s message and the creativity of this video. Thank you Ben and keep reading!

After all the Christmas gift giving was over, guess what the reluctant readers in this family chose to do first. Chambrae wrote, “Mason finished his book on Christmas day and Hadley finished hers before getting out of bed the next morning! (Her book was easily 300 pages!)”

Andrew’s enthusiasm for reading with RIK is infectious. We love watching him as he thoroughly enjoys the experience.

We loved hearing how RIK helped Savannah get over those menacing reading hurdles. “RIK kits are really fun to read and I used to not like reading, but now I do.”

What Parents And Teachers Are Saying:

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“I rarely see my son finish a book he has started reading. But with the incentive kits, he was picking up a book and finishing it in a day or two.”
Janessa R
“The RIKs are awesome! My kids were so excited to read and get to the next part of the book where they get to open up a new surprise. I have never seen them so excited to read.”
Manal H
“The RIK kits were spectacular. Books came alive for my daughter. She was so excited to open the next envelope.”
Laura M
The first chapter book my daughter ever read all on her own was with a kit and in one sitting
Natalie C

I used this kit with my WHOLE class. The kit motivated my students to read. They BEGGED to read on in the book. After opening each envelope or box, it was fun to discuss why that item was included. The students enjoyed figuring out more about the book, or a character based on the item included in the envelope. Because of the discussion and connection to the item, their comprehension was increased

Breann W

Meet the Creator of RIK

Paula Ruesch is an elementary school librarian with a passion and ability to inspire children to love reading. Her enthusiasm for quality children’s literature is contagious, and her summer reading camps have proven to be very successful for helping motivate children to read. Reading Incentive Kit was developed by Paula as a way to encourage reading, to improve reading skills, and to increase reading comprehension. Her popular RIK products has been lauded by parents and educators alike.

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